Can’t Think of a Headline?

If you find yourself staring at that blinking cursor a lot, you’re in good company.

If you’re a writer, you know there are days when you put off doing simple things because you’re on a roll, and there are days you have no inspiration.

Creating headlines can be one of the hardest things for me, and I’ve heard this from other writers too. We’ve got a lot to say and we can switch subjects like nobody’s business. I get off topic and write about a lot of different things, but sometimes I get really stuck.

I finally learned how to find all the headlines I’ll ever need, and you know what? You already have yours too. You’ve already written a ton of them. They are right there in the content you’ve written in the past.

If you’re searching for material, look no further than the work you’ve already done. Go back to your blog posts, articles, or even Instagram posts, and you’ll see that there are hidden headlines all throughout your writing, especially if the stories you look through are personal to you.

A lot of times, the first or last sentence of a paragraph are the gold mines. What you’re looking for are the statements you make that also have stories behind them, but to write about them at the time would have taken you off topic.

When we write, there are times we can go way down into the detail and get off subject, right? Then we end up editing and deleting a bunch of stuff that doesn’t apply to what we want to convey at the moment. When I find myself reeling it back in and cutting material, I know (now) that content probably has a lot of headlines.

Here’s a quick example. When writing to explain a sales funnel, I used the following paragraph.

When I was writing content for my first website, I created a 6-page document describing my business, who I was, what my product was, how people get it, etc. There was so much on my website, it was as if I created a place for someone to get lost. I didn’t get many sales on that site. Once I started working with sales funnels, the template kept me on track (and succinct) and my customers were led directly from my ads to a page where they could buy my product. It was a genius move.

I wanted to show you how many headlines could be pulled from this small piece of work and provide great leads for creating new articles. Here’s a list of the headlines I came up with.

  1. How To Create Content For Websites
  2. Is Your Website Distracting Your Customers From Buying Your Product?
  3. How Sales Funnels Take Your Customer By The Hand And Give Them Exactly What They’re Looking For
  4. What Is A Sales Funnel And Why Do I Keep Hearing About Them?

See what I mean? There’s a ton of content out there waiting for you to explain further. Go back to your previous writing and look for those statements that have a backstory or something you can expand upon. You’ll have so much material, you won’t know where to start.



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